Lucia’s Boat in Lecco, Italy.

Lucia’s boat is a typical row boat of the lake Como area; it is made of wood and is easily recognized by its three wooden arches much like those used on pioneers’ wagons; a century or so ago it was used for transporting goods to the markets.

It became famous in the well known 1827 novel written by Alessandro Manzoni I Promessi sposi  [=The Bethrothed]. 

It is called “Lucia’s boat” because of  one of the most famous scenes of Italian literature, the Addio ai Monti or “Farewell to the Mountains” in which the main character, Lucia, flees from her village on a boat like the one in the photo. [The village is, of course, my hometown Lecco].

They are now used for romantic weddings by the lake; see here.

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